More than 60% of all passengers on long haul flights suffer from jetlag. This is not only a problem for PAX themselves but also causes a loss of billions of dollars for the economy. Besides that, airlines aim for differentiation and perfectly satisfied guests.

We made it our mission to reduce jetlag, while increasing passenger-comfort and satisfying the needs of airlines & aerospace regarding the required knowledge of the real impact of lighting and food over the whole passenger journey.


jetlite® - passenger journey

jetlite® increases comfort and satisfaction over the whole passenger journey while reducing workload for the crews on board and in special cases fuel consumption.

jetlite® offers a holistic, algorithm-based approach to increase the comfort of passengers (pre-, in-, and post-flight) by reducing jetlag on long-distance flights. We focus on

-  chronobiologically improved lighting for aircraft, airports and even personalized for passengers before and after the flight,

-  customized nutrition concepts for airline-catering and airport-services, as well as

-  personalized suggestions for passengers via an app regarding sleep-, light- and nutrition-impact, which together form the backbone of this scientifically proven solution.

jetlite® - USP

Scientifically proven product

First scientifically validated cabin lighting concept worldwide, which can have an impact on the passengers´ inner clock and thus reduce jetlag on long haul flights.

Manageable innovation costs

jetlite® utilizes most of the already existing board technology of LED illumination in a new unique & specific way.

Generating revenues for airlines

>80% of passengers see a chronobiological improved cabin lighting as added value and would spend more money for flights with jetlite® on board. Besides that, fuel consumption can be reduced.

jetlite® - IN MEDIA

jetlite® - HONOURS

Notable Newcomer of the year in the US

jetlite® has been honoured with the title of Notable

Newcomer 2017 by the German American chamber

of commerce

German Aerospace Innovation Award

jetlite® is the winner of the German Aerospace Innovation

Award 2017

Startup Autobahn Stuttgart

From January to July 2017 jetlite® ran through the

automotive accelerator "Startup Autobahn"

Airbus BizLab - Hamburg Season #1

jetlite® was part of the first round of the Airbus

accelerator Bizlab in Hamburg in 2016

Founder Grant Exist - 2016

jetlite® was initially financed by the German Federal

Ministry of Economics and Energy founder grant EXIST

and supported by TUHH - StartupDock


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